About Us

About Us

Our company was born from a desire to create a world-class solution for collecting customer data, consumer opinions and marketing leads from anywhere. We also set out to create a product that was different from anything else currently available on the market, which we successfully achieved and continually strive to improve upon daily.

Our developers and managers frequently marvel at what our company has accomplished as a leader in the mobile data collection technology arena. KioskLeads has grown into a powerful one-of-a-kind app for the iPad and iPhone that is unmatched in the industry, offering the most advanced and expansive list of features in the marketplace, for capturing leads, conducting surveys, gathering customer information and more.

KioskLeads functions like a Swiss Army knife for data management across your organization, with an awesome design that begins with a completely customizable interface for collecting information from anyone, replacing outdated methods of gathering feedback and intelligence. But that is only the beginning of what we put into KioskLeads to make it a stand-out winner in the marketplace.

We were one of the first companies to include CRM integration in our product, which is just one example of how we've been leading the way in our industry. When you use KioskLeads, you’ll also quickly discover the power of our innovative platform that is especially attractive to users that grew up in the digital age, who are instantly pumped and enthusiastic about using our cutting-edge mobile surveys and forms.

Our customers also quickly realize the enormous value that KioskLeads offers, as it provides an all-in-one solution for a wide range data collection scenarios. KioskLeads makes it possible to collect information from any group or demographic through a simple interface that can be used with a tap of the finger on any responsive mobile device that our platform supports. Whether you are collecting employment data from candidates at a job fair, are conducting market research at a trade show, or are registering patrons at a fundraising event, it will become instantly clear that you are using a world-class mobile data collection solution.

Moreover, the far reaching power of KioskLeads allows you to actively poll individuals and target groups at any event, delivering real time results that you can analyze, compile and even broadcast across any media channel that your potential or current customers are plugged into. KioskLeads is truly a dream come true for any sales, marketing or management professional who interacts with prospects and customers face-to-face.

From the very start, we envisioned creating the ultimate mobile data collection tool that anyone in sales, marketing, event management, human resources and beyond could benefit from regardless of their industry, market or location. And our current customers know that we hit the nail squarely on the head in this regard, meeting our goal of producing a top performing data collection tool that works anywhere, putting legacy data collection methods like paper forms and lengthy Internet web surveys out to pasture for good.