Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn my iPad into a kiosk/booth?

A:   Take the following steps to use your iPad as a kiosk:

  • 1. Enter a value in the Pin field on the Edit Form page. The pin restricts form users from exiting the KioskLeads app on the iPad. Of course, you can exit the form if you know the pin.
  • 2. Also on the Edit Form page, enter a value for the Timeout field. The timeout specifies how long a started form can sit idle before asking the user whether they are still there or not. When the timeout kicks in, a pop up message will be shown for 20 seconds. If there is no input, the form will restart. We suggest setting the timeout at anywhere from 120 to 300 seconds.
  • 3. Turn off Multitasking Gestures on the iPad (Settings>General>Multitasking Gestures), which disables the ability to exit a form using the four-finger pinch or swipe.
  • 4. Place the iPad in an enclosure that covers the home button. You will need some sort of iPad enclosure that covers the home button.
  • 5. Check the Loop Survey option on the Edit Survey page. This ensures your surveys loop back to the beginning after the last question is answered.
  • Don’t forget to start with an "Image Display (Splash Screen)" question type to show a beautiful splash screen to attract people to your kiosk!

How do I see the demo lead forms?

A:   Kiosk Leads comes with demo lead forms that show the power and simplicity of KioskLeads as well as all the available question types. To view the demo lead forms, open the KioskLeads app, tap the "Settings" button and enter the username (default option provided) and password (default option provided).

How do I make sure all my lead data has been sent?

A:   To verify that all lead data has been sent, tap on your lead form on the KioskLeads app to view the 'Summary' section and make sure that 'Unsent' is 0. If 'Unsent' is not 0, tap 'Send/Receive' to send the remaining lead data.

How do I automatically send an email to leads immediately after capturing their lead data?

A:    In order to send an email to lead immediately after capturing their lead data, do the following:

  • 1. Click on Form
  • 2. Click on the Edit Form icon of the lead form you want to add the Auto-Email to
  • 3. Click on Add/Remove Lead Details
  • 4. Ensure that Email is checked and click the Update Form button. This will reveal auto email on the edit form page.
  • 5. Click on the "Add Auto Email" button underneath Automatic Email.
  • 6. Compose your email and press the "Add" button after you're done.
  • Leads will automatically be emailed when their lead capture is complete.

How do I enable/disable looping of lead forms?

A:   The checkbox to toggle Form Looping is available in the Edit Form page. By enabling Looping, your lead forms will loop back to the beginning as soon as the last question has been answered. This is perfect for kiosks, booths or in any event, where lead forms are unattended. You can also disable looping, which will exit the lead form when the last question has been answered. Non-looping is useful for one-time completion lead forms.

How do I create users and assign lead capture forms to them?

A:   Creating Users

  • 1. Click on the Users tab
  • 2. Click the Add New User Icon. Only the username, first name, last name and a password are required. Different roles can also be assigned to these users depending on what system capabilities you want to give them.
  • Assigning Lead Capture Forms
  • 1. Click on the Forms tab
  • 2. Click the Authorized Users icon for the lead form you want to add users to
  • 3. Check of the users you want to authorize for your lead form and press Save
  • 4. Launch the KioskLeads app on the iPad. Each user can now log into their own iPads by tapping on "Settings" and logging in with their new account information.

How do I prevent a user from exiting the KioskLeads app on the iPad

A:   You will need to set a Pin On the Edit Form page, enter a value for the Pin field. The form will ask for the Pin if someone tries to exit it. In order to prevent the user from leaving the app through the home button, you will need an iPad enclosure.

How do I use Meta-Data?

A:   Metadata allows you to collect data that would be common to all lead forms. This is best-described with an example. Suppose you are capturing leads at 10 different locations and you want to know which location each lead came from. You could create a question called location but would have to answer that for every single lead. With meta-data, you simply set the location once and after that, all leads will be sent to the server with that value. In order to set up metadata, do the following steps.

  • 1. Click the Forms tab
  • 2. Click on the Edit Form icon of the lead form you want to add metadata to
  • 3. Click on the Add Metadata button
  • 4. Enter a Metadata Name and click Add
  • 5. Publish the form.
  • Note: Meta-data can only be used on the iPad if the form is published.
  • 6. Go to the KioskLeads iPad app and tap Send/Receive. Tap on your Lead Capture Form and fill in the Metadata Field.
  • 7. When you go back to the KioskLeads admin website and view your Lead Data, the meta-data information will appear as a separate column.

How to rate our iPad app on the App Store?

A:   We get a lot of great feedback from our customers, whether it is features requests or just asking about ways they can help us. What you can do is very simple: just rate our App. A rating will take a couple of seconds and a great review will take a couple of minutes. So if you are interested in trying to help us get better, read on.

  • 1. Launch the KioskLeads App on your tablet and tap the "Rate KioskLeads" button.
  • 2. You will be taken to the Apple App Store. Add a rating by tapping the stars to rate. Add a review by tapping the "Write a review" button
  • 3. Add your comment
  • 4. Hit "Submit" and you're done! Thank you for supporting us!

What international languages are supported by KioskLeads?

A:   ) Displaying Questions, Collecting Answers with KioskLeads When creating your form on the KioskLeads administration website, simply enter the chosen language value into the input fields. Prior to collecting leads, add international keyboards to allow your leads to type text in different languages. You can easily switch between multiple keyboards in your form. Note: Questions with built-in buttons such as True/False and Yes/No are only available in English.

What are the custom background image specifications?

A:   Custom background images are a great way to add branding and personalization to your lead form. Follow these guidelines when creating a background image:

  1. 1024 x 668 pixels
  2. JPG file format
  3. 85 pixels at top for branding
  4. 60 pixels at left for branding
  5. 60 pixels at right for branding
  6. 18 pixels at bottom for branding
The following image shows the actual size and regions available for branding. You can save it locally and use it as a guide. Anything in the white space (i.e. Outside of the branding regions) will most likely be covered by survey questions.

What are the image display (splash screen) image specifications?

A:   Image Display (Splash screens) is a great way to attract attention to your lead form! Follow these guidelines when creating a splash screen image:

  1. 1024 x 668 pixels
  2. JPG file format
  3. Include "Tap Screen to Start" somewhere on the image

What is the maximum number of questions that can be added to a lead form?

A:   The maximum is 100 questions per lead form.

What is the maximum number of users that can be added to a KioskLeads account?

A:   There is a limit of 100 users per KioskLeads account.

What if I end up collecting more leads than the credits I have purchased?

A:   Don't worry if you end up going either over or under the total number of credits purchased, your lead data is not lost! If you end up collecting more leads at your show, then these are stored on your iPads and will be visible in your KioskLeads account once you have purchased the sufficient amount of credits needed. If you are left with unused credits, these will remain in your account for a year from your last purchase date.

Why aren't my leads receiving my auto-emails?

A:   There could be one of several reasons why:

  • 1. The most common one is that many corporations have set in place filters and firewalls which are to prevent spam/junk emails. Firewalls protect email servers from spam, viruses and spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks often affect email delivery. In this case, please contact your IT department and have them check the junk or spam email folder.
  • 2. Some email and internet service providers have placed restrictions on what type of email actually finds its way to your Inbox. Most of the time this feature reduces the amount of junk email that you see but sometimes, valid correspondence is also filtered out as junk mail. In this case, please check your junk or spam email folder.
  • 3. Some filters check emails for keywords and filter them out as spam. In this case, please change your subject line.

Why did my lead form disappear when I tapped Send/Receive on the KioskLeads app?

A:   Your lead form may have disappeared due to one of the following reasons:

  • 1. You deleted the lead form through your account on the KioskLeads administration website.
  • 2. Your account administrator may have removed your access to the lead form.

Why didn't I receive a verification email?

A:   When you register for a new account with KioskLeads, we send an email to the registered email address to verify the account. If you did not receive this email, it may have been incorrectly flagged as SPAM by your corporate firewall or mail filters. Please check your SPAM / Junk mail folders or contact your internal IT Support team. If you still can't find the email, then please email KioskLeads support within 30 days of creating your account.

Why is my account always getting locked out?

A:    This is because one or more of your iPads is using an invalid password for your valid username. When the KioskLeads app tries to login using this invalid password, it is counted as a failed login attempt. If, you enter the wrong username on the website, that will also count as a failed login attempt. After 5 failed login attempts, usernames are locked out and need to be reset. This is a security measure to prevent a brute force attack on passwords of the users in our system and is a standard security practice. Assuming you are only using one username, follow these steps:

  • 1. Login to (mention the correct URL) and set the password for your username under Profile to something you are certain of.
  • 2. On each of your iPads, launch the KioskLeads app, go to Settings, and set the password to what you updated it to be in the previous step.