Terms and condition

Below are the terms and conditions between Kiosk Leads and the company that wants to initiate the survey. This is a legal agreement binding on both parties. When you create an account with Kiosk Leads and use the services provided by us, it is an acknowledgement that all the terms and conditions have been read and understood clearly by you. Furthermore, by using the services, you agree that you will abide by every single one of these terms and conditions. On the other hand, if you do not agree to any of these terms, you should abstain from using our services.

By agreeing to our services, you also agree that you have the authorization and permission to represent your organization. This means that you can post a survey on behalf of the owners and other shareholders of your organization. You also agree that you are of the age where you can enter into and abide by a legal agreement with Kiosk Leads. You also acknowledge that you have the necessary consent, permissions and other licenses that allow you to abide by your legal obligations to Kiosk Leads.

Warranty and Representation

As the representative of an organization, you understand that the services availed by you are at your risk and that they will be provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”.

Kiosk Leads does not provide a guarantee that –

  1. The services provided will be as per your organization’s requirements.
  2. The services provided will not be interrupted or error-free.
  3. The information obtained via the service is completely accurate or reliable.
  4. Any defects in the working of the software, which is a part of the package provided, will be rectified.

All information obtained through our services is downloaded entirely at the risk of the user. Kiosk Leads is not responsible for any damage to your computing devices as a result of downloading this information. All advice and information obtained from Kiosk Leads through any oral means or written means does not void the terms and conditions associated with the services. Furthermore, any conditions implied or expressed during the implementation of the service do not allow the user to infringe on the pre-defined terms and conditions.


As a representative of an organization, you can use the services of Kiosk Leads only for legal purposes. No user or organization can use our services for the below options.

  1. Any service that contravenes the laws and regulations of the land as well as international laws
  2. Any service that commits fraud and causes harm to minors
  3. Any attempt to replicate, copy or resell services provided by Kiosk Leads without a written authorization from the company.
  4. Any attempt to physically or verbally abuse and/or threaten any employee of Kiosk Leads.
  5. Any attempt to upload or transmit information that have computer codes or malware that will lead to Kiosk Leads unable to provide services to its customers. This includes both hardware and software owned, leased and operated by Kiosk Leads.

By accepting the above conditions, you agree that any breach from your end will lead to immediate termination of the relationship with Kiosk Leads.

Data Privacy

We at Kiosk Leads know that the information provided during registration by all our clients is extremely confidential. Kiosk Leads will take all steps to ensure that both personal and confidential * information is protected at all costs. We state that:

  1. Kiosk Leads will only use the information in the context of services provided.
  2. Kiosk Leads will not disclose any information to a third party unless mentioned in the agreement.
  3. Kiosk Leads will store the confidential and personal information provided separately and not with all the other information required to provide the service.

(*- The definition of confidential and personal information is as follows.

  1. Any information available legally in the public domain.
  2. Any information, which is obtained by legal methods through a company, authorized to share and disclose the information.
  3. Any information known throughout the industry of the organization availing the service.
  4. Any information created by Kiosk Leads without any direct or indirect usage of the information provided at the time of registration.)

However, as the user of the service, you also have certain responsibilities to your account.

  1. You have to ensure that sensitive information like login details and passwords are stored securely.
  2. You are solely responsible for any activity on your account.
  3. You have to inform Kiosk Leads in case of any unauthorized activity on your account.

Kiosk Leads does not have any responsibility for issues arising from the unauthorized access or activity on your account.

Kiosk Leads will not be the owner of any information provided by you and the same will not be shared with any external party.

When you share information with Kiosk Leads through any method, the company and its subsidiaries can use this information to provide you the service. This includes distribution, transmission, translation, and formatting of the data to conduct tests, provide support and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the duration of the contract.

Policy for Refunds

Kiosk Leads does not provide refunds on plans that have a monthly payment. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Any subscription cancelled during a billing cycle will not get any refund for the existing billing cycle. However, the service will be terminated immediately and it may lead to data loss due to the termination.

Liability Policy

As per the information provided in the earlier paragraphs, Kiosk Leads does not have any liability when it comes to –

  1. Damages classified under the direct, special, exemplary and indirect categories. This will include but not be limited to losses incurred, attrition of clients, loss of goodwill, data loss, and increase in cost of procurement.
  2. Losses and Damages which are due to the below causes:

  1. Your reliance on the accuracy or completeness of the advertising and transactions between you and the sponsor who appears in the services provided.
  2. Changes made by Kiosk Leads to services provided and any temporary or permanent stoppage in any of the features provided in the service.
  3. Data corruption, deletion or any other loss of data due to improper maintenance of data at your end.
  4. Change in contact information not provided to Kiosk Leads.
  5. Damages due to improper storage and care taken at your end to ensure that passwords and login details for your account.

The above liability clause covers Kiosk Leads irrespective of whether Kiosk Leads has been informed or is aware about the damages that could arise. Under no situation will the liability of Kiosk Leads exceed the amount paid towards services by you. This included both direct and indirect damages.

General Terms and Conditions

The above agreement will be governed as per the laws of the country where Kiosk Leads is registered. However, if any portion of the agreement is invalidated by a legal authority, then Kiosk Leads and the client agree that those portions of the agreement that are similar to the invalidated terms and conditions and the rest of the agreement will continue to be in effect.

On accepting the agreement, you allow Kiosk Leads to use, represent and reproduce the trademarks and logos of your organization and client, on the behalf of whom you are availing these services. However, Kiosk Leads will ask for permission from you before using the same for any press release.

Kiosk Leads can change the terms and conditions periodically. You are advised to keep checking the terms and conditions for the same. However, your usage of the services provided by Kiosk Leads acts as a defacto acceptance of every condition attached to the service being provided. Until any further intimation from Kiosk Leads, this agreement will encompass the entire terms and conditions between you and Kiosk Leads.

This agreement will be binding to Kiosk Leads and all its administrators and subsidies.