Kiosk Leads offers hundreds of innovative features to make data collection and data management across your entire organization faster, easier and more efficient than ever before. Save time and money while collecting, storing and retrieving data using the latest digital tools - and kiss your paper forms and outdated scanning equipment goodbye for good. All you need are users with access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, which allows them to utilize your surveys and forms anywhere.

Surveys & Leads

Kiosk Leads is the smart choice for surveys in the digital era, helping your business escape the time consuming task of manually entering survey information into your CRM system. You'll be able to rest easier and experience an immediate boost to your productivity with our mobile surveys for phones and tablets (Android and iOS), which allow your organization to easily capture leads and gather user feedback, anytime, anywhere. Restaurants, retailers, healthcare providers and other types of businesses gain maximum efficiency when using our mobile surveys and available data integration feature together, which allows them to easily collect customer information at multiple locations, while seamlessly merging the details into their company's centralized database, for enterprise level marketing, business analytics and management decision support.


Registering guests at any event is fast and easy, with Kiosk Leads Badges. This handy feature is every event manager's dream, enabling rapid data collection from visitors at trade shows, conferences, exhibits and other live events.

  • Guests can easily tap in their registration details on any tablet or computer that's present at your event.
  • Once your guest has registered, you can use Kiosk Leads to print out their personal badge for the event, with an included scanable QR code.
  • Visitors can gain admission to your event using their personal badge and can participate in different surveys, without providing the same personal information, like their name, company, email address, etc. to every exhibitor, since it's already stored on their badge.

Online & Off-line Responses

Kiosk Leads allows your users to answer questions and complete forms on a mobile device from anywhere, even when no Internet connection is available.

  • When users are online, all of the data that's entered is always up-to-date on our system, allowing you to review and analyze answers and feedback in real-time.
  • When users enter data in off-line mode, all of the collected data is automatically uploaded to our platform once their device is online again.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Kiosk Leads provides maximum flexibility, when it comes to distributing your surveys and forms, leading to higher participation rates for your users. You can post your surveys via email, your website, your blog, social media or with QR codes that can be scanned to view your surveys using a web link (URL). Your prospects and clients can easily access your surveys and forms anywhere 24/7/365, using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Custom Survey Design

Kiosk Leads provides the tools that you need to fully control the design and appearance of your surveys and forms, making it easy to promote your brand and increase user engagement, with the following included features:

  • Customizable Themes
  • We provide the design options that your business needs to easily create surveys in a style that’s totally your own. Add logos, images, custom colors, multi-media elements and more, for completely customized forms that match your brand and business identity.

  • PDF Document Integration
  • Use this feature to display your entire product catalog to Kiosk Leads users in an easily browsable format. Showing everything that you have to offer allows you to spark interest in your company, receive product questions and collect contact information from prospects, which can be leveraged to increase sales for your business.

  • YouTube Video Integration
  • Use this feature to display promotional ads, short lessons, movie trailers, footage from events, or any other material that you’ve uploaded to YouTube. Capture your survey users’ responses and feedback after viewing your videos, to assess interest levels, test knowledge or gather opinions, as needed.

Question Types

Kiosk Leads provides dozens of ways to collect data, with the various question types that we offer. Your business will be able to get the answers that it seeks using our platform, while enjoying the highest possible response rates, by including images, audio, video and documents with your questions, always keeping your users informed and entertained. You can also launch digital polls and capture feedback from users anywhere, viewing the results in real-time. Here’s a brief overview of the types of questions you can include on your surveys and forms:

  • Standard Questions
  • Easily collect yes/no answers, true/false answers, alphanumeric answers, text answers, ranked values, gender answers and date answers - with just a few taps by your users.

  • Splash Screen Questions
  • Display advertisements, contests, announcements and promotional text across the entire viewable area of your users’ screen, with this feature.

  • Map Point Questions
  • Easily capture the geographical location of your survey users, by displaying a tapable map.

  • Multiple Choice Image Questions
  • Use this feature to collect answers based on viewable images, when presenting surveys, quizzes and contests to your users.

  • Photo Capture Questions
  • Collect images from survey and form users with this feature.

  • Promotional Questions (FaceBook)
  • Use this feature to promote social media engagement by providing discount codes to users that visit and “like’ your FaceBook page.

  • QR Code Questions
  • Collect data from scanned QR codes that have been printed on personal badges, business cards, flyers, signs and more.

  • Signature Capture Questions
  • Authenticate survey data and collect signatures for digital forms using this feature.

  • Swipe-to-Reveal Questions
  • Reward clients that take your surveys, by hiding a prize behind an image, creating digital scratch cards.

  • Terms & Conditions Questions
  • Display terms and conditions that users may decline or accept to gain access to your surveys, forms, contest etc., while storing their answer for your legal department’s records.

Validation & Logic

Kiosk Leads allows you to validate your survey users’ answers on the fly, to ensure that all required information has been entered. Question branching is also built-in to our platform, allowing you to control which question is asked next, based on how a previous question was answered. This ensures that your users are only shown relevant questions, which makes your surveys shorter, resulting in more engaged participants and higher response rates. Our platform supports basic skip logic and complex skip logic, providing maximum control over the questions that you include on your forms and surveys.

  • Basic Skip Logic
  • Use this option to determine if a survey participant should be presented with additional questions or not. For example, if your survey is on people who drive cars, your first question would be “Do you drive a car?” If an answer of “no” is provided, then the survey automatically ends for that user.

  • Complex Skip Logic
  • Use this option to dynamically display questions based on the answer to a previous question. For example, if the previous question was “What kind of car do you drive?” and an answer of “Ford Mustang” was provided, the following survey questions presented to the user would be specific to that vehicle’s make and model.

Data Integration

Kiosk Leads offers a number of advanced features, which are designed to make survey data collection and data management a highly efficient process for your business. Use Kiosk Leads with CRM platforms, application automation platforms, email platforms, as well as your own websites or blogs. Kiosk Leads seamlessly integrates with SalesForce, InfusionSoft, ExactTarget, Zapier, SyncApps, Aweber, iContact and MailChimp, as well as the most widely used SQL databases, making survey data management super easy. You can also export your Kiosk Leads data to MS Excel, allowing you to run any kind of analysis that you like using the wide range of formulas that the application offers. Plus, you can also set-up convenient email alerts, to keep you informed about the status of every survey that you’ve deployed.


Kiosk Leads takes the privacy and safety of every client’s survey data very seriously. The following security features are included on our platform, to keep your collected data safe from unauthorized access and misuse.

  • 128 bit SSL Encryption
  • Kiosk Leads uses the strongest available security standards to protect the data that we collect, transmit and store for our clients. We use 128 bit SSL encryption, to keep all of your survey results and business information 100% secure.

  • Kiosk Locking and Timeout Features
  • Keep survey data safe, using a pin that prevents incomplete or abandoned surveys. You can also set a timer that cancels out any survey data that has been entered, resetting the survey to the beginning, when any survey question has remained unanswered for an extended period of time.

  • User Level Access Control
  • Kiosk Leads provides account management features which allow you to control which employees at your business may access your survey data or manage different aspects of the data collection process. The access can be granted based on their role in the organization and can be changed at any time by an administrator.

Reporting & Analysis

Kiosk Leads offers a wide range of reporting features, which allow you to view and analyze the results of your surveys, providing the intelligence and information that you need to make better decisions and grow your business.

  • Graphical Reporting
  • Use this feature to generate graphs for your survey data, choosing from a variety of formats including pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs. You can also display more than one graph at a time, for a side-by-side visual comparison of your survey data.

  • PDF Reporting
  • Use this option to download entire surveys in PDF format. Our PDF reports include your company’s logo and customized design elements, making professional presentations of your survey data fast and easy.

  • Real-time Survey Results
  • Use this feature to view incoming data, as soon as your survey link has been published. You can view survey responses immediately and start analyzing the results, before your users are finished answering all of the questions on their surveys.

  • Response Based Data Segmentation
  • Use this feature to get a compact view of your survey data, based on parameters that you specify. View your survey results from different angles, such as by geographical region, age or income. You can also compare survey results using metadata, such as the ratio of male respondents to female respondents, etc.

  • Trend Analysis
  • Use this feature to get a detailed view of survey data for specific users, segmented on an hour-by-hour basis. You can uncover trends and changes in the opinions or sentiment of survey participants at live events, analyzing results as external conditions change, such as changes in topics being discussed, changes in speakers at the podium, etc. which allows you to determine the popularity of your presentations, staff, products and more.